Ep. 210 – Sexting, cyberbullying and how NOT to be a spy!
December 7, 2010
Ep. 212 – Cisco and Linksys Router Ramblings!
December 21, 2010

Ep. 211 – Should Wikileaks be “un-hosted”?

TOPIC:  Mike and Dave try to answer this question – and a few others – as we spend some quality time during one of Dave’s more and more infrequent appearances!  We wind up with a great show, covering a huge amount of news, views, and reviews, plus we work hard at knocking your socks – or maybe your ears, or possibly just your backpacks – off with the ultracool, iSafe security backpack alarm … check out their home page at www.isafebags.com or find one to buy at our Amazon link.

What does it mean when there’s no guest?  Lots of time for coolsites of the week:

  • Map Envelope – Want to make sure everyone’s got your address for that party?  Map envelope prints a foldable envelope you can use to send the invitation!
  • Mint Data – Tells you what’s hot in your area, as well as what people are generally paying for stuff and more!
  • Program a Backup Keyless Entry – Yep, exactly what it sounds like … can save a bunch of dough for you DIY’ers out there!

And of course no show would be complete without the podcast only song of the week – Pacey Singer by A. Human!

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