Ep. 209 – Cyber Monday on the way
November 30, 2010
Ep. 211 – Should Wikileaks be “un-hosted”?
December 14, 2010

Ep. 210 – Sexting, cyberbullying and how NOT to be a spy!

TOPIC:  Dave goes out for a charity shuffle/run, leaving Mike to enjoy our special guest Denise Terry from SafetyWeb discussing cyberbullying and sexting; some great ways to manage your kids’ online activity without spying!

Additionally, Jay Garmon provides us not one but two great geek trivia of the day questions

What cult classic tabletop game inspired the “Day of the Ninja” December 5th?

What year did Consolidated Edison Electric Company stop supplying DC power directly to buildings in Manhattan?

We top that off with a couple of great coolsites of the week:

  • FiveBooks – Become an instant expert in whatever field you choose – you’ll get the top 5 books recommended by experts!
  • Milo – Local shopping tip site tells you the best price you’ll be able to find locally … at home and mobile!
  • VoiceBase – record and store recordings of your voice conversations and make them searchable!

And of course no show would be complete without the podcast only song of the week – Skip The Youth by Frightened Rabbit.

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