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Ep. 207 – The Trouble with Tech

TOPIC:  This week Mike struggles with his own tech issues, Dave’s not here, but manages to have a great show and get some great info out there for you regardless!  Because of the tech issues, Jay Garmon, isn’t quite able to answer last week’s question, but we’ll surely catch up with him soon.  As a reminder, he asked us:

There are 75 man-made objects on the moon.  Almost all were put there by the US and Soviet Union – how many WEREN’T put there by either the US or Soviet Union?

Not only do we have fun chatting about various news, views and reviews, but we of course finish up with some coolsites of the week:

  • KeepVid – Find a video or audio clip on YouTube or other sharing site you want to keep?  Stick the link in here and keepvid will create a downloadable file for you (mind your copyright)!
  • EcoSquid – Recycle, share, and sell those old pieces of electronica that you know you don’t need anymore.  Locations and prices easy to find!
  • FontPark – [monster truck voice] Free free free …  fonts fonts fonts! {end monster truck voice]
  • PolicyTool – For organizations or companies looking for a cookie-cutter, easy as pie way to create some social media policies.  Free and comprehensive!

The podcast only song of the week this week is Metric’s Sick Muse.

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