Ep. 187 – Mo’ McAfee, Mo’ Problems?
May 4, 2010
Ep. 189 – Apple vs. Gizmodo, who’s “The Man” now?
May 19, 2010

Ep. 188 – Chad Gniffke on Kaseya’s IT Toolkit!

TOPIC:  After geeking out with Jay Garmon on comic book to movie conversion (among other things), Chad Gniffke gets on the line with us to discuss the uber-cool IT Toolkit from Kaseya.  Whether you’ve got 2 computers at home you want to manage, or running a couple hundred in offices across the country Kaseya’s got some great tools to check out.  Oh, and did we mention that their basic IT Toolkit is free, and cool, and was a TechTalk coolsite of the week a few weeks ago?

Jay’s question of the week this week was:

Only once has an F5 tornado taken on a skyscraper.  What skyscraper was it (hint: it survived!)?

We almost run out of time for our coolsites this week – but the ones we get to are very cool (as always):

  • Freeware-Guide – Just what it sounds like!  Fodder for coolsites of the week every day of the week!

The podcast only song of the week this week is  “Polite Dance Song” by The Bird and the Bee. And yes, I do realize this is the same one as last week … I didn’t realize it at the time, but i do NOW.  It’s still a great song though, so if you haven’t listened to it yet you won’t let this second chance pass you by, will you?

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  2. Chad Gniffke says:

    Hey Mike, posted a post our company blog about your show. Thanks again!

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