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Ep. 184 – Mail Bag!

TOPIC:  Lots of news and views today, with Mike slamming those Russian spammers!  Plus we respond directly to listener mail with questions from Australia and let you know exactly what you’re going to need to get 3D TV in your home!

Then Jay Garmon saves Mike’s proverbial and solo bacon once again with this great trivia question:

What physical phenomenon was predicted by Einstein’s formulae, but that he died denying was possible?

Then we throw some love at these cool sites of the week:

  • WiseStamp – Hate the GMail signature feature?  Need more than one signature when you’re doing Yahoo! Mail?  Wisestamp addon for Firefox is the (free) tool you need!
  • Puniz – Yet another great and fast way to get your tunes from teh webs!  Similar to Grooveshark, it makes a nice addition to your library of music-finding options!
  • LenMus – Open source software for learning music theory … really cool, really free!  Won’t teach you how to play guitar or piano, but will tell you what all those little dots mean!

Podcast only song of the week will give you “Something to Do” by Rooney!

Ep. 183 – The Ugly Boys Show

TOPIC:  Dave’s finally back, at least for a week, though we do lose Jay Garmon this time around!  No worries though, he sends us his answer to last week’s question and we manage to plow through without him somehow!

We’ve got some great news items to hit, Dave and Mike both opine about their newest tech purchases, and then we finish it up with some awesome cool sites of the week:

  • Flame Drawer – Escape motions has a really neat little flame drawing utility (no, not a drawer to put your old flames in) that even the least artistic among us can use to produce some cool looking desktop wallpapers and stuff!
  • Origami Club – Looking for something to do with all your extra printer paper? Look no further, the origami club will teach you a few things!
  • Disk Space Fan – One of the best GUI and graphical ways to check out where all that space has gone to on your drive!

The slightly nsfw podcast only song of the week is “Ugly Boy” by The Cuties!

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