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Ep. 181 – A Brand New Day

TOPIC:  Mike’s on his own today again, but that just means more time for Jay Garmon to regale us with geek trivia and his unique look on life!  We fill in the gaps with some listener mail and answers about PDF files, as well as top news of the week!

The geek trivia question of the week is:

What is the only fan film that has been nominated for the coveted Nebula Screenplay award?

Without Dave around to crack the “it’s time to go!” whip, we get a bunch of great cool sites of the week in!

  • Nuance FreePDF Viewer – I promise someday to stop giving you awesome PDF tools … once folks like Nuance stop making them (and giving them away for free)!  This one really trumps the basic model Adobe provides by including annotation and conversion tools – as well as being faster too.
  • Windows 7 Compatibility – Wondering what happened to the windows compatibility mode?  Wonder no more – it’s alive and well, and the How-To Geek gives you the full rundown!  Make those old programs run like … well, not new, but make them run anyways!

Podcast only song of the week is the stomping Cage of Ribs by Cara Beth Satalino!

Ep. 179 – Yes, We’re Not Impressed With the iPad Too

TOPIC:  Tell the grammar police to stay back, but however you parse it Mike jumps into the iPad-haters shark pool along with Pee-Wee Herman and cadre of others.  Including our very own Jay Garmon who, yes, we are impressed with as he comes up with another awesome trivia question!

When did the infamous “1984” superbowl Apple commercial first air (and no, it wasn’t during the superbowl)?

Here’s the coolsites of the week:

  • UltraDefrag – The fastest and overall one of the best freeware defrag utilities we’ve seen!
  • Sikuli – Want to write a few macros, but don’t have the chops?  Sikuli to the rescue with it’s totally graphic screenshot driven style!
  • Cool PowerPoint 2007 Tricks – Some pretty nifty tips and tricks to making your next ppt really stand out; with full example and inline instructions.  Straight from the horses mouth too (Microsoft, that is)!

The truly podcast only song of the week this week is the pumping Mister Driver by the Plasticines!

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