Ep. 175 – Toshibo, hai!
January 14, 2010
Ep. 177 – The CES Lowdown from PCMag
January 30, 2010

Ep. 176 – Facebook, Meet McAfee

TOPIC:  We kick off with Jay Garmon giving us a great breakdown of the CES experience, then follow up with McAfee VP Brent Remai to discuss their recent joint venture with Facebook to protect you from your friends!  So not only fun, but content too – what could be better!?

Well, how about some coolsites of the week?

And don’t forget to take a stab at Jay’s Geek Trivia Question this week:

What was the first 3D television broadcast in history?

Podcast only song of the week this week will really get you moving  – listen to The Great Seus, by Black Francis.

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