Ep. 174 – Recap, Trivia, and More!
January 6, 2010
Ep. 176 – Facebook, Meet McAfee
January 21, 2010

Ep. 175 – Toshibo, hai!

TOPIC:  With discussion of CES, Toshiba laptops, tech news of the week and more you may hardly even notice that we’re missing Jay Garmon – that lucky geek gets to attend the CES … but us lucky geeks will get to hear his take on it next week!  He does forward us the answer to last week’s trivia at least, so we’re able to fulfill your trivia needs too.

We’ve also got some great cool sites of the week too:

  • Run Linux Apps on Your Desktop – Not excited about dual boot to try Linux?  Just need one or two key things?  Give this a shot – running Linux apps on your windows desktop.  From the very cool HowToGeek site!
  • Windows God Mode – Another great tip from the HowToGeek, this one tells you how to get instant access to all the “hidden” system config in Windows 7.  Check it out!

Podcast only song of the week this week is in honor of Jay – Thao Nguyen with the Get Down Stay Down and their song “Bag of Hammers”

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