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Ep. 168 – The 12 Scams of Christmas

TOPIC:  Thinking of doing any online surfing, shopping, or emailing this holidays?  Then this is definitely a show to listen to!  We’ve got McAfee‘s Minister of Security Propoganda Dave Marcus (officially he’s just the Director of Security, Research & Communications for McAfee Labs, but we’ll call him Minister for short) on the show.  Dave tells us not only the most popular scams cybercriminals are using to trick people into handing over millions of dollars this holiday season, but the 5 top ways to avoid them!

Since we’ve got Minister Dave, we don’t feel the loss of Sparky Dave as badly, and after throwing Jay “Geek Trivia” Garmon into the mix and stuffing your turkey with some extra coolsites of the week we wind up with another great show!  Here’s those coolsites for you:

  • One Tip a Day – Exactly what it sounds like … and the tips are great!  We particularly enjoyed the “test your internet connection” tip sending you to!
  • Vitamin D – No, this isn’t going to grow stronger bones for you … but what it will do is pretty darn amazing!  If you’ve got a couple (or even 1) webcams around and want to configure your own security system on the cheap, this software will let you do it in a very professional and cool way – free!

We close it up with the podcast only song of the week O Shot! by the Gay Blades.  A little up-tempo and a touch raunchy, so beware where you listen.

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Ep. 167 – Storm2 of the Century

TOPIC:  This week it’s just Mike hanging out and chatting with himself about how great his new Storm2 is – well, before one of the other DJ’s comes in and decides to show off his droid!

We also get a healthy dose of Jay “Geek Trivia” Garmon and then finish it up with more cool sites than you can shake a cantenna at:

  • Symphony of Science – One of the better and more geeky tone changing tune maker sites, includes clips from Bill Nye and Carl Sagan.  It’s where our podcast only song of the day came from!
  • Free Sci-Fi and Fantasy books – Really, honestly, and legitimately free books that are either past their copyright prime or released under creative commons or the like … and a lot of them are in PDF or ereader format for grabbing onto!
  • Bones In Motion Active – Do you jog/bike/hike?  Do you have a smartphone?  Are you OCD and want every last tidbit of info about your efforts?  If so your name is either Mike or you’re at least a lot like me and will LOVE this app – check out the free GPS, weather, route tracking, elevation check and pace recording … awesomely good!

Podcast only song of the week this week is “We Are All Connected” off of our coolsite of the week Symphony of Science – go there and check out their other Sagan-based tune!

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Ep. 165 – Simon Haynes on Sci-Fi and Software!

TOPIC:  Though there’s no Dave “Spooky” Saganaki this time, “Malicious” Mike Kastler has a blast doing an interview of his favorite author from down under – Simon Haynes!  Not only does Simon talk to us about his Hal Spacejock books – and Clunk, Hal’s robot sidekick – but also shares his take on new technology, programming vs. authorship, and a ton of other great stuff!

We’re always in the mood for Jay “Ghoulish” Garmon’s geek trivia (check out for more), and Mike rambles about current happenings in the tech world today.

Now, normally we’d have some cool sites to share – but with how interesting the talk was with Simon (and how unrestrained the time was without Dave), we just didn’t get a chance.  However … early on in the show Mike brings up an oldie but a goodie:

  • Sharepod – Ever have a machine blow up on you and the only record of your music collection is on that iPod, but if you link it to a new machine you know it’ll only bring over the stuff you bought in the iTunes store and you’ll lose everything else and you’re really freaking out because that’s, like, your TUNES man, and omg what the heck is wrong with those Apple guys anyways that they won’t let you get your music off?  I mean, it’s YOUR music, right?  And you can’t get it off your iPod?  Well, calm down, stop freaking out, and just go get Sharepod – you may never go back to iTunes again!

Had to have some Halloween fun this week, so we started the show off with a little Ministry, and then tried to end with Johnathon Coulton’s RE: Your Brains!