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Ep. 157 – No Plextor, just fun fun fun!

TOPIC:  Although we promised you Plextor, you got something even better – a full hour of Dave and Mike!  OK, so maybe not so much.  How about if I told you we spent extra time with Jay Garmon discussing the missing three weeks of Geek Trivia?  And we got our tech on yakking about news like our upcoming trip to Oracle Open World 2009, Microsoft’s possible injunction against selling Word, and then we delve into the “grey” area of technology, hacking and video games!

Don’t worry though, we’re looking to get Plextor back in the near future.  Of course, no show would be complete without some of the coolest of the cool sites on the web:

  • How to Crack a WEP key – Our good friends at give us the full breakdown on how to use the free software Backtrack to crack WEP keys for fun and profit!
  • Password Checker – Not sure how secure that password is?  Microsoft provides a free and easy way to check it.

And the podcast only song of the week is the rather melancholy “Disney’s Ice Parade” by Ballboy.  Note that this has some adult themed lyrics.