Episode 140 – Just Mike, and we blew it again
March 4, 2009
Episode 123 – Taglocity CEO Dave Towert
March 18, 2009

Episode 141 – Eric Ginsberg of BookSwim

TOPIC: March 7 – Paper or plastic? What a blast, this week we get a chance to really dig deep into BookSwim.com’s unique answer to how to get your lit on! We hear about the Kindle, e-books, liibraries, and where where the author’s guild got it wrong. Not only that, but we continue the TOKBOX webcam giveaway! You really MUST listen in this week and find out how to win a webcam! We’re off next week, but return to talk with the TokBox folk themselves, give away the last webcam, and then talk about our next round of giveaways. We recap last weeks awesome coolsites of the week (plus one more) and finish it off with our podcast only song “The Great Defector” by Bell X1.

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  1. Drew says:

    Have had great experiences with BookSwim – just as easy as Netflix, really. I’m a book nerd and I like to keep the book-flow coming!! Works really well for me – I’m looking forward to take a listen!

  2. TechTalk says:

    Thanks – we had a great time talking to Eric, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the audio. I just found out listeners get a discount too … enter TECHTALK on checkout when you sign up and you’ll get 1/2 off your first month (which is already discounted)!

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