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Episode 139 – “The Fixer” on a Liquidation Diet!

TOPIC: February 21st – We couldn’t be more excited to bring you a guest than we are this week!  Stephanie “The Fixer” Zimmerman of the Chicago Sun-Times shares with us her insights, tips and tricks on how to make sure you are really getting a good deal at these ‘everything must go’ store closings … and what she reveals may surprise you!

As usual, our guest is preceded by some incredible (albeit very fast) Geek Trivia from Jay Garmon, and we continue our TOKBOX webcam Giveaway! You got that right; listen in this week for sure and find out how to win yourself a shiny new webcam!   Next week plan on really getting into the nitty gritty of TokBox and webcasting – so keep listening! Our podcast only song “Paper Airplanes” by MIA off of the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack closes out the show!

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Episode 137 – Top 100 Free Software!

TOPIC: February 7th – This week we really screwed up … for the first time in TechTalk history technical issues resulted in our completely losing a recording 🙁  Too bad too, because it was a really great interview with Eric Griffith of PC Magazine.  We went over some of the coolest and best listing of the top 100 free software out there, discussed GTD implementation, the changing nature of app dev and how companies are trying to monetize, and more!

We can’t give you the audio, but you should definitely head over to,2817,2338803,00.asp to directly view Eric’s most excellent rundown, and browse around the rest of too!

Sorry folks – we’ll be back next week for sure though!  Have a great, albeit TechTalk-less week this week and we’ll see you in 7!